February 2022 Update: Developer takes MBRC to court

February 2022 Update: Developer takes MBRC to court

The Village Retirement Group lodged their DA back in October 2021. MBRC stated that the DA could not be made by law. VRG unfortunately did not accept the decision and have proceeded to take Council to Court.

The first mention of the case in the Planning and Environment Court occurred today 3 Feb 2022. This was a mere formality during which the Court set another date for review of the case on 20 April 2022. At this time, we anticipate the Court will set the matter down for a full hearing of the issues sometime in May 2022.

This court case is only to decide IF the developer is able to lodge a DA with respect to the land. If the Court determines they can, then the developer must follow the usual process which involves its proposal being assessed and then voted on by the Council. If the Court upholds MBRC’s position that means the developer cannot legally lodge the DA.

SNLGC will never give up fighting this debacle development and we will never rest until we preserve 100% of our open green space… we will continue to fight for the benefit of our flora, our fauna and our community now and into the future and to see a great golf course back as the centre piece of the estate.

Also in Feb 2022 a Sunshine Coast Community group won a Supreme Court appeal against a large developer! An important part of this finding is the previous position was found to have erred by not adequately considering the community’s objections and expectations.