Is this a done deal, or can it be stopped somehow?

This is far from a done deal. The developer (Village Retirement Group) will need to lodge a Development Application (DA) with Council to have the land use changed from recreational open space to aged care facility which is currently strictly prohibited under Council’s own Master Plan. You can lodge an official objection to the DA which Council must consider when voting.

The owner says he is losing money and he doesn’t have enough golfers, so can the Golf Course really survive?

The Australian Sports Commission research recently concluded golf is the most popular club sport for adults Australia. Golf Australia has recently offered assistance to the club with research, resources, participation and campaigns. By considering new, more flexible membership options and playing prices that better suit lifestyles, the club can attract new golfers and past members who have left to join neighbouring clubs.

I don’t play golf so why is this important to me?

North Lakes Golf Course is far more than just a golf course. It provides an essential environmental buffer zone through the central corridor of our community. It has also become home to a variety of wildlife including Koalas and Kangaroos and is a vital channel for flood waters to escape.

I heard VRG would only build on 15% of the land with the rest being green space. Is that true?

15% is still a very large development in the heart of a quiet residential area. It’s the foot-print size of Westfield  North Lakes. VRG may not stop at 15%. If the land is rezoned and the DA is approved, they will own all the land and because it will all be rezoned, they could easily then develop on as much of the land as they want. Once the land is rezoned, residents and objectors will have very little prospect of stopping further development. Any land VRG don’t end up building on will likely become unmaintained scrubland which will increase the bush fire threat surrounding homes, anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping and be a new breeding ground for mosquitos.

I’d like to get involved to help, but what can one person do?

  1. Send an email to and include your name, how the proposed development will impact you and how you think you can help. You will be added to the mailing list so you can stay informed and be invited to upcoming events.
  2. Join over 4,100 residents who have already joined the “Save North Lakes Golf Course” Facebook group.
  3. Sign the various local and state government petitions –  QLD Government e-Petition and Petition – “Save North Lakes Resort Golf Club from sale to developers”
  4. Start preparing now to be an objector should VRG lodge their development application.